Impact On: Impact investing’s confident and compelling new narrative

ImpactAlpha, Sept. 10 – Every day, with their commitment and their capital, impact investors and other Agents of Impact are writing a new narrative for business and finance.

And every week, ImpactAlpha tries to encapsulate that narrative, rounding up developments in our Friday Brief under a single phrase or word of the week: Urgency… Agency… Mobilization… Justice. 

In its virtual summit this week, the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing – the GSG for short – has challenged practitioners around the world to craft a compelling narrative for impact investing. To prepare for the sessions on Friday, I’ve collected thoughts from my fellow panelists, which we share below.

From Central America, VIVA Idea’s Shannon Music calls for an inclusive and flexible impact investing community. In Paris, ChangeNOW’s Rose-May Lucotte explores how impact investing can cross the chasm from early adopters to the early majority. Amrit Ahuja, based in New Delhi, is using visual storytelling to cut through impact investing jargon. Fumi Sugeno of the Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation has been mapping the diversity of Japan’s impact investing ecosystem. 

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